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The Bayside Doula LogoThe Bayside Doula | Jasmine Meek 

The Bayside Doula | Jasmine Meek

Postpartum Doula


East Brisbane and Bayside, QLD

P: 0435 329 717
IG: @thebaysidedoula

Hi, I’m Jasmine – The Bayside Doula. I’m a mum of two living in Brisbane’s Bayside. I’m also a student of psychology and of course, a postpartum doula. I completed my Postpartum Professional and Breastfeeding Professional certificates with Newborn Mothers Collective in June, 2022.

I was drawn to this work after I had my second baby. I prepared for his birth as if I was my own Doula. I organised a meal train, wrote a birth map, prepared many litres of bone broth, arranged for my mother to visit weekly…and more. It worked. I experienced the ‘bubble’ with my newborn that I had visualised (and missed out on with my first). I learned so much about postpartum care during this time and I felt a huge desire to share this with other mothers.

I know that mothers need so much more than a few freezer meals and frozen pads, and that every woman’s experience of becoming a mother is unique. I tailor my support to you and your family wherever you are, physically and emotionally. I approach postpartum support from a holistic perspective. I want the mothers I work with to feel emotionally nourished as well as physically.
Whether I work with a client for 4 days or three months, I want them to feel seen and heard, validated, loved, informed and confident.
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