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The Bayside Doula LogoThe Bayside Doula | Jasmine Meek 

Jasmine Meek | The Bayside Doula

Postpartum Doula


East Brisbane and Bayside, QLD

P: 0435 329 717
IG: @thebaysidedoula

Hi, I’m Jasmine, The Bayside Doula. I’m a mum of two living in Brisbane’s Bayside. I’m also a psychology student and, of course, a postpartum doula. I completed my Postpartum Professional and Breastfeeding Professional certificates with Newborn Mothers Collective in June 2022. I also recently received my Postnatal Massage certificate from PMA and so I incorporate full-body postnatal massage into my postpartum doula support visits. Massage is so important for the fourth trimester, and it is so NEEDED at every stage of motherhood. Mothers carry so much of the emotional and physical load.

I was drawn to this work after I had my second baby. I prepared for his birth as if I was my own Doula. I organised a meal train, wrote a birth map, prepared many litres of bone broth, arranged for my mother to visit weekly…and more. It worked. I experienced the ‘bubble’ with my newborn that I had visualised (and missed out on with my first). I learned so much about postpartum care during this time, and I felt a huge desire to share this with other mothers.

I know that mothers need so much more than a few freezer meals and frozen pads, and that every woman’s experience of becoming a mother is unique. I tailor my support to you and your family wherever you are, physically and emotionally. I approach postpartum support from a holistic perspective. I want the mothers I work with to feel emotionally nourished as well as physically.
I have a strong sense of social justice and feminist passion. I love learning about the human mind, culture, and sociology. And once I learn, I am usually inspired to make change. I don't want my clients, my friends, my mother, or my daughter to accept the status quo or to believe that what our society currently provides is all they deserve. I want to support them, and all women, to ask for more, demand more, and receive more. Howard Thurman said, “Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” I am so lucky that supporting women makes me come alive, because it just so happens that more support for women is exactly what the world needs too.
Whether I work with a client for 4 days or three months, I want them to feel seen and heard, validated, loved, informed and confident.
Jasmine Meek | The Bayside Doula, QLD
Jasmine Meek | The Bayside Doula, QLD
Jasmine Meek | The Bayside Doula, QLD
Jasmine Meek | The Bayside Doula, QLD
Jasmine Meek | The Bayside Doula, QLD
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