Birth is not in the pelvis! Your mind controls EVERYTHING! Take back control with one SIMPLE yet POWERFUL tool
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Discover the empowering journey of birth with Best Birth Co!

Tired of hearing that birth is a daunting experience? So are we. At Best Birth Co, we reject the notion that women's bodies are faulty and believe in the incredible strength of the female body.

Your baby's arrival is just around the corner, and while the excitement is palpable, we understand that a hint of nervousness might be present. Those infamous birth stories can be intimidating, but fear not – birth doesn't have to be a scary ordeal.

Picture this: a calm and safe environment where you are in control of your birth experience. At Best Birth Co, we champion your ability to bring your baby into the world confidently and fearlessly. We're here to introduce you to our game-changing Positive Birth Affirmation Card Deck.

Why choose us? Our affirmations, coupled with a daily mindfulness practice, not only help you confront your fears but also empower you to manage pain and potentially reduce the duration of your labour. We are firm believers in the transformative power of your mind to create a serene and empowered birthing journey.

Seize control of your birth outcomes with Best Birth Co. – because birth should be celebrated, not feared. Order now to embrace the positive and welcome your baby with confidence!

Gift our Cards with Wholesale prices

Gift our Cards with Wholesale prices

I am a Doula and Hypnobirthing Practitioner and I love gifting these cards to my clients. They're a wonderful size, are great quality and are beautifully and thoughtfully designed. Thank you for creating such a fantastic resource for pregnant women - mindset is their biggest asset as they approach their birth and these beautiful cards are so helpful in keeping it positive. Love your work!

Samnantha Gunn, Doula, Sydney

Love these beautiful cards! I have them tacked all around the house, they look great and give me a continual reminder that labour is a natural and beautiful process and that I can do it! Also, the cards are super helpful for using as affirmations for meditation.

Fiona, NSW

My birth affirmation cards are absolutely beautiful (and not to mention empowering!), thank you so much! I loved them and I read and believe them every day! They were instrumental in soothing me when feeling anxious and giving me extra confidence when needed both prenatal and during birth... now I just love to flick through them and smile because they remind me of my boy. Every pregnant woman needs a set of these gorgeous and uplifting cards from Best Birth Co.

Cherry, QLD

These birth affirmation cards are beautiful to use in your birth space, to be used as gifts for a loved one or to your clients if your a midwife or Doula! I’m having my third baby in December and have them up already, preparing my mind in a positive way!

Janine, NSW

The positive birth affirmation cards helped me create my birth space to be as magical as the birth that we did create. Our third baby joined us earth-side with grace and peace. The cards really enabled me to focus on going within to allow a beautiful birth experience.

Zoe, NSW

I loved the cards so much. I used them through early breastfeeding days as well to inspire trust when my body was learning what to do. I would highly recommend them to others!!

Laura, VIC

These cards were just the BEST! I used them so much in the days leading to our birth, I found they helped calm my mind when doubt and fear crept in. The perfect companion to Hypnobirthing. Thank you so much .

Georgie, NSW

How absolutely beautiful are these cards. Sara is a local mum that has created something very special, and I can't wait to share these with my Birth Clients and Pregnancy Yoga Students. These are by far the best ones I have seen on the market and I love them even more that they are Aussie made, by and Aussie mum.​Birth Affirmations are such a positive and grounding way to work with your mind in the months leading up to birth and then during your labouring journey. Put them up around your home and ready them every day.

Danae Birth Doula, NSW

I’m so delighted to receive my set of Best Birth Co positive birth affirmation cards ahead of my third baby arriving in a few weeks. Having done the hypnobirthing course whilst pregnant with my first baby, and re-practicing those relaxation techniques with my second, I’ve been conscious of not making a point of doing so this time around having lost my copy of the relaxation tracks.​And so I’m DELIGHTED with my Best Birth Co cards as these will be an invaluable tool to help me ground, centre and trust in my body to have another beautiful natural birth. Thank you for making such a beautiful and powerful tool - I’ll be recommending and gifting these to all the mamas in my life.

Charlotte, NSW

Positive tools for pregnancy & labour. Positive birth affirmation cards for your best birth

Birth affirmations are a simple yet powerful tool to include in your birthing toolkit.

Your birthing team has knowledge and experience and YOU HAVE YOUR MIND! Don’t underestimate your inner strength - it is your greatest asset.

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