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Birth, IT IS MORE  

Mental THAN   Physical!

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One SIMPLE Tool for your Best Birth

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“Birth is in the mind not in the pelvis!”

- Dr Michel Odent 

BIRTH!  It is intense, a test of endurance, it is empowering and will challenge you in ways you have never known. You can't avoid being drawn into the vortex of birth, for the very journey is designed to reach into the darkest corners of your psyche and to challenge you in ways you cannot quite fathom (yet!).

Birth WILL change you!

You cannot help but be changed by it!


It will strip you bare, humble you and unveil the courage inside of you that has been lying dormant, for this is your birth rite!


The person you are pre-birth is not the person who will step out on the other side. You and your baby will be born on this day, for birth is the original rite of passage. 


One of the most powerful tools you possess to get you through your birthing journey is the power of your mind.


Visualising your baby entering this world safely and calmly through the simple, yet powerful act of hypnosis and mental rehearsal can have positive real-life effects on the birth of your baby and yourself.


AND, science has now confirmed this, as more and more women are taking back their bodies, empowered to improving their birthing outcomes by harnessing the power of their mind through affirmations and their breath.​


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Benefits of a

Mindful Birth Practice 

  • 17% of mothers who used Hypnobirthing delivered via Cesarean C-Section compared to 32% of women who laboured in a traditional manner.

  • 9.5% of Hypnobirthing mothers gave birth at home versus 1% of all other mothers.

  • 23% of mothers who used Hypnobirthing and delivered vaginally used an epidural compared to the national average of 71%.


for your Best Birth

Whether you are using Hypnobirthing, Calmbirthing or another antenatal mindfulness practice these cards will support your psyche and will lovingly create confidence deep within, connecting to those very natural and normal fears.


And come your birthing day the cards will ensure you only focus on the moment at hand, guiding you through each surge and moment one mantra at a time, always with love and compassion.

What's so special about this Card Deck?

Hand-picked affirmations to guide you one breath, one contraction at a time. Some are simple yet powerful, others help to facilitate your visual senses and will help with progress, dilation and your babies journey through the birthing canal. 


Each card will instil a sense of calm, focus and peace as you journey through to the very depths of your psyche, riding the intensity of each wave and contraction.

During these periods the cards will guide you to a deep focus and joy as you move closer to birthing your baby and your new self.

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Love these beautiful cards! I have them tacked all around the house, they look great and give me a continual reminder that labour is a natural and beautiful process and that I can do it! Also, the cards are super helpful for using as affirmations for meditation.

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