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Giving Birth in ecstasy

This is our birthright and our body's intent. Mother Nature, in her wisdom, prescribes birthing hormones that take us outside our usual state, so that we can be transformed on every level we enter motherhood.

- Sarah J. Buckley - MD



Many thanks to @jayliozphotography for this image

Many thanks to @jayliozphotography for this image





These cards have been created to be your Visual Doula, to give you a sense of safety and reliability leading up to and during an incredible time in your life.


Whether you are birthing in a hospital with a midwife, or at home with a Doula, you can draw courage from within to calm your nerves and assist with your birth.


Birthing is a humbling and courageous rite of passage; one of the most powerful tools you possess to get you through your birthing journey is the power of your mind.


To visualise your baby entering this world safely and calmly can have positive real-life effects in the birth of your baby whenever they decide to come earthside.

Whether you are using Hypnobirthing, Calmbirthing or other daily mindfulness practice these cards will support your psyche and lovingly create confidence so you can connect to those very natural and normal fears.


And come your birthing day they will ensure you only focus on the moment at hand, guiding you through each surge and moment one mantra at a time, always with love and compassion.


favours only

the prepared MIND.”

- Louis Pasteur

Many thanks to @melissajeanbabies for this image

Be in control of your birth

17 beautifully designed Birth Affirmation Cards to keep you focused, to minimise epidurals, interventions and improve birth outcomes.

Benefits of  a

Mindful Birthing Practice 

  • 17% of mothers who used hypnobirthing delivered via C-section compared to 32% of women who laboured in a traditional manner.

  • 9.5% of hypnobirthing mothers gave birth at home versus 1% of all other mothers.

  • 23% of mothers who used hypnobirthing and delivered vaginally used an epidural compared to the national average of 71%.

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What will these affirmation cards do for me?

Hand-picked affirmations and quotes to guide you one breath, one contraction at a time. Some are simple yet powerful in nature, others help to facilitate your visual senses and will help progress, dilation and your babies journey through the birthing canal. 


Each card will instil a sense of calm and peace when you journey through to the very depth of your psyche and ride the intensity of each wave and contraction. During these periods the cards will guide you to a knowing focus and joy as you move closer to having your baby in your arms.


How do I know? I designed them for my own beautiful home birth.

Positive Birth Affirmation Card Deck

Positive Birth Affirmation Card Deck

Out of Stock


Many thanks to @melissajeanbabies for these images


These cards were just the BEST! I used them so much in the days leading to our birth, I found they helped calm my mind when doubt and fear crept in. The perfect companion to Hypnobirthing. Thank you so much .


I loved the cards so much. I used them through early breastfeeding days as well to inspire trust when my body was learning what to do. I would highly recommend them to others!!


I loved using these cards during labour! I set them up at home and then later at the hospital. They kept me focused and the mantras helped me visualise my body birthing my baby. The cards definitely kept me going during my very long labour and birth!



Positive Birth Affirmation Cards


For a Positive Birth

Our Hero Positive Birth Affirmation Card Deck. Order now for immediate delivery

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Prefer your Birth Affirmations in an e-Version so you can take wherever you go?

Reviewing your birth affirmation cards daily (a number of weeks ahead of your due date) will not only allow space for your mind and body to prepare for the birthing journey ahead but will allow your body to send messages of calm to your baby, that they are safe in the world that is your womb and all is well for their arrival.


A baby who receives these messages pre-birth will be notably calmer post-birth thanks to their advanced and skilled ability to tap into the feelings & emotions you cultivated whilst pregnant & in labour.

And while labour can be a test of endurance and physical discomfort, taking the moments in between contractions to look at your cards will allow you time to rest, recharge your mind and your body, in time for the next wave. Be confident in the knowledge that the cards will help you immensely in those moments of doubt when those overwhelming feelings of exhaustion or the desire to giveaway appear (*Hint* these are always moments when the arrival baby is imminent). They are your cheer-squad, your motivator, your visual-doula!

How do I use my 

Positive Birth

Affirmation Cards?


Hi! Thanks for stopping by, I'm so grateful you are here.

I was convinced of the power Birth Affirmations have over birthing outcomes after the birth of my baby, Charlie, who was born at home (read his Birth Story here).

I know these cards will bring calm, reduce any anxiety & boost your confidence so you can birth your baby without fear. Feel empowered on the day you birth your baby.


Happy Birthing,

Sara x

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