Birth is not in the pelvis! Your mind controls EVERYTHING! Take back control with one SIMPLE yet POWERFUL tool
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Hello Stockists & Ambassadors, have we got a tool for you!

We know you’re passionate natural birth advocates. 

We know you do everything possible to empower your clients to experience positive birth.

A passion to support women through the most powerful moment of their lives is exactly why we created our Birth Worker Discounts Program.

Whether you’re a Birth Worker or Retailer, we believe our cards can become a complementary and valuable offering within your toolbox. (You might even earn a commission too!)

Hundreds of grateful Mummas have provided feedback that these cards were not only a beautiful addition to their education programs but also, provided an opportunity to take their learnings home and practice with a specialised visual aid. 

We would be delighted to share more. Everything you need to know is listed below.

…And of course, if you have any questions, or wish to collaborate, please feel free to reach out at

One POWERFUL tool to help improve birth outcomes

A beautifully designed card deck for women intending to birth their babies naturally - whether that be at home, in water, at a birthing centre, or in hospital. 

The cards include 17 carefully selected affirmations and quotes to help guide mothers-to-be as they navigate each breath and contraction with confidence.

Some affirmations are simple, yet powerful. Others help to facilitate visualisation, aid in the progress of dilation and support baby’s safe journey earthside.

Each card intuitively instils a sense of calm, focus and empowerment. 

Positive Birth Affirmation Cards

Why add Positive Birth Affirmation Cards to your toolkit?

* Reduce fear & anxiety

* Deepen connection to their baby

* Feel prepared for their birthing day

* Boost their confidence to birth their baby naturally

* Increase breath awareness, focus and calm

​We are the recommended Birth Affirmation Card Deck in Australia

Here's what our Clients had to say:

I am a Doula and Hypnobirthing Practitioner and I love gifting these cards to my clients. They're a wonderful size, are great quality and are beautifully and thoughtfully designed. Thank you for creating such a fantastic resource for pregnant women - mindset is their biggest asset as they approach their birth and these beautiful cards are so helpful in keeping it positive. Love your work!

​Samantha Gunn,  Doula & Hypnobirthing Educator NSW

As a HypnoBirthing Educator, I spend a lot of time teaching parents how important mindset is during pregnancy, labour & birth. Affirmations are a huge part of this & these Affirmation Cards are the perfect tools for birthing families to use. I couldn't recommend these highly enough! The cards are beautifully presented and are a fantastic size. The card is sturdy and the images are beautiful visualisations of the affirmations. I think everyone should be given a pack of these at their very first prenatal appointment!

Dominique Nina, Hypnobirthing Educator NSW

Sara has created a beautiful selection of birth affirmation cards, all of which I love to use personally, but also to gift and share with my clients as a Doula. I cannot recommend her products more highly!​

Meaghan, Holding the Space Births Doula NSW

I love Best Birth Co. Their birth affirmation cards are so amazing. I give these affirmations cards to pregnant couples I support as a Birth Doula. I believe every birthing couple should have a copy to help them have a strong mindset going into their birth. Thank you Sara for your amazing cards.​

Donna, Beauty in Birth Doula, HypnoBirthing Educator NSW



There are two options and one will probably resonate more strongly with you than another, although you can do both (many Birth Workers do).

Option 1: Stockist (Bulk Discount)

​30% profit margin (ex GST).

RRP $36.00 per card deck

Min. order 5x decks = $126.00 (RRP $180.00) 

Represented on the Birth Worker & Stockist Directory

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Opportunity to participate in competitions and give-aways

Option 2: Ambassador

​Exclusive 15% discount code to share with your network

Ability to earn 15% commission (paid monthly) from these sales

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Opportunity to participate in competitions and give-aways

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