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Hey there, fabulous Birth Workers!

Let me share a story that'll warm your heart and give you a taste of the magic that birth affirmations can bring into a mama's life.

Picture this: I was pregnant with my first, navigating the maze of emotions and excitement with impending motherhood. One day, my midwife, the beacon of wisdom and support, handed me a lovely set of birth affirmations. When those cards touched my hands, I felt a rush of emotions that stayed with me.

With that nurturing smile and the voice of someone who's seen miracles unfold, my midwife told me how much she believed in me. She knew those cards would be like a secret weapon, empowering me on my journey to a calm, confident, and fearless birth. I was touched, to say the least.

Best Birth Co Homebirth Janine O'Brien iBirth

(With my amazing Midwife Janine O'Brien iBirth)

And here's the kicker – even though I had already created the very first set of Best Birth Co cards, I still have those precious affirmations tucked away in my drawer. They're like gold to me, a reminder of the incredible power of belief and positivity in birth.

Now, if you're a Birth Worker, you're the keeper of that same magic. You're the one who hands out these treasures, lighting up your clients' lives with the promise of a beautiful birth. You're the one who believes in them, just like my midwife believed in me.

So, how can you spread the love and empowerment? Enter our positive birth affirmation cards and milestone cards for pregnancy & newborn. These cards aren't just cards; they're the ultimate way to inspire, encourage, and celebrate your clients and their journey.

Now, let's talk about benefits. Using affirmations during labour can lead to some serious birthing magic. Studies have shown that women who used affirmations had shorter labours. Yep, shorter! And there's even a link between using these cards and fewer medical interventions. Less stress, less anxiety – what's not to love?

When your clients use birth affirmations, they'll feel like birth goddesses and have the research to back it up. Studies have found that higher self-efficacy scores (that's confidence, in plain speak) are linked to shorter labours, less pain medication use, and higher Apgar scores for those sweet little newborns.

But that's not all. These affirmations can also be your clients' secret weapon against pain during labour. Imagine that – lower pain ratings and higher satisfaction ratings, all thanks to a little positivity.

Our positive birth affirmation cards are like a burst of sunshine, with 20 beautifully designed cards that your clients can carry everywhere – even in their handbags. They can display them around their home, in their birth space, or use them as meditation prompts. By gifting these cards, you're telling your clients, "You've got this!"

positive birth affirmation cards
Now, let's talk about our milestone cards for pregnancy & newborn – 40 cards that help your clients capture the precious moments of their journey. From baby's first kicks to birth announcements, these cards are like a pregnancy scrapbook made easy.

milestone cards for pregnancy & newborn
But when should you gift these gems? It's all up to you. Some of our Birth Workers like to do it during those one-on-one sessions where they discuss hypnosis techniques and affirmations. Others like to welcome new clients with a big dose of positivity.

Still not convinced? Here's what some of your fellow Birth Workers had to say:

"They're a wonderful size, great quality, and beautifully designed. Love your work!" - Samantha Gunn, Doula & Hypnobirthing Educator, NSW.

"Such a great birth tool, I recommend these to everyone!" - Courtney - Empowered Birth and Beyond, New Zealand.

"I cannot recommend her products more highly!" - Meaghan - Holding the Space Births.


Ready to get your hands on these cards?

Head to Faire (to access our wholesale prices) and choose the card deck that complements your business and services. And why not bundle the two decks together – it's a winning combo!

Don't miss out – these cards are in high demand! Place your order now and spread the gift of positivity.

Our positive birth affirmation cards and milestone cards for pregnancy & newborns are the ultimate thank-you gift for Birth Workers. They're more than just cards; they're a way to support, inspire, and empower birthing parents and your clients. Order yours today, and let the positivity flow!

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