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Milestone Cards for Pregnancy & Newborn

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Hey Mama! You're about to embark on the most epic journey of your life. But let's be honest: Between the crazy cravings, hormonal roller coaster, and sleep deprivation that comes with those adorable little bundles of joy, memories can get fuzzy.

That's where we come in. We're talking about Milestone Cards that are like rocket fuel for your Mama memory. Forget the stacks of boring baby books – these beautifully hand-drawn cards are the ultimate upgrade.

Here's the magic:

  • Two decks in one: Track your bump's growth week by week, then flip the cards to celebrate those unforgettable newborn moments – first coos, giggles, wobbly steps, you name it! Capture it all from bumpin' to brilliant.
  • Mumnesia antidote: Forget scrambling to remember when your little Einstein said their first word. Fill in the blanks with those precious details, creating a treasured record that'll make you laugh, cry (happy tears!), and relive the magic for years to come.
  • Luxury that lasts: Crafted on premium cardstock and housed in a stunning keepsake box, these cards are as gorgeous as the memories they hold.

This ain't your mama's baby book. These Milestone Cards are a game-changer for modern moms. They're a conversation starter, a memory keeper, and a guaranteed tearjerker in the best way possible.

Inspired by a Mama on a Mission:

Our founder, Sara Dobson, gets you. She's been there, rocking the late-night feedings and the sleep deprivation fog. These cards are her gift to you, a way to ensure you never miss a beat on this incredible journey.

So ditch the mumnesia and embrace the magic! Order your Milestone Cards today and get ready to crush motherhood with every milestone you capture. Don't just survive, Mama, thrive!


Product Information:

  • 42 Colour Cards
  • A6 (105 x 148.5 mm), featuring curved corners
  • Card Stock 400gsm art paper
  • Double-sided featuring:
    • Side A, Pregnancy | Week 5 - 42
    • Side B, Newborn | 0- Age 2, plus milestones including First smile, meets/cuddles, rolled over, first celebrations/event, giggle, words, with fill-in-the-blank fields to write or record digitally
  • Superior hard outer box, with a tray draw - Portrait orientation
Milestone Cards for Pregnancy & Newborn
Milestone Cards for Pregnancy & Newborn
Milestone Cards for Pregnancy & Newborn
Milestone Cards for Pregnancy & Newborn