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Milestone Cards for Pregnancy & Newborn

Your journey from Maiden to Mother is one of life's richest rites of passage; it is a unique experience highlighting your unending strength and beauty. To witness new life starting their own earthly journey is an honour and a privilege. Capturing both these journeys of growth and transformation allows us to celebrate and honour your & your child's strength, beauty and transformation for time immortal - never will these passages be forgotten, for their documentation returns us to this joyous time whenever we review. 


These Pregnancy & Newborn Milestone Cards have been lovingly created to celebrate the milestones of pregnancy and early years, encouraging connection as parents observe their baby's growth.  


This product is the first of its kind on the market… something that combines two card decks in one: one to document the pregnancy and the second to capture early years milestones. They feature a chic and modern design and are presented in a stunning box perfect for keeping on display.


Lovingly created these cards to celebrate the journey of new life… to document your individual experience. These cards each feature hand-drawn fruits and vegetables that align with your baby's growth. We have also provided you with enough cards to reach up until Week 42, ensuring that you can document your baby's full gestation. With due dates being moved forward more and more, making sure you have enough cards for each week provides you with the comfort of knowing you can track every development whilst your baby prepares to arrive when they are ready. 


Once your baby is earth-side, flip the cards over and continue the celebration by documenting their progress well into their second year: week-by-week, month-by-month. We've even included cards that allow you to capture those special first moments…everything from introductions and first steps to cuddles and snuggles. 


 "After 5 years of infertility struggles, when I became pregnant with my first child, I was adamant that I wanted to document everything to celebrate this incredible journey that my husband and I were embarking on. 


Reflecting on my notes, I realised I needed help to differentiate each week and had completely overlooked significant milestones. These are hugely important moments in our lives, and I was frustrated I didn't think of a way to better record them at the time. 


In my second pregnancy, I was sure not to make the same mistake twice. I created these Pregnancy & Newborn Milestone Cards to document my growing bump. During these months, I hand drew each card whilst she grew in my belly; when she arrived, I was confident knowing that we captured her developmental milestones."  


Sara Dobson, Positive Birth Co. Founder 

Milestone Cards for Pregnancy & Newborn
Milestone Cards for Pregnancy & Newborn
Milestone Cards for Pregnancy & Newborn
Milestone Cards for Pregnancy & Newborn