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If you are nearing the end of Trimester 2 or have landed in Trimester 3, you no doubt you have already started thinking about this, but what exatly do you need? You don't want to take everything plus the kitchen sink, but you also don't want to miss anything.
Never fear, whether you are birthing in a Birth Centre or Hospital we have you covered!
Below is our comprehensive packing list of what to pack in your Birthing Hospital Bag, so you can do less worrying about the details and spend more time focusing on your Positive Birth Affirmations and carving out some very important relax time.
So we have broken this into four parts, Labour & Birth, Mumma, Baby & Birth Partner.

Labour & Birth

  • Comfortable clothing (eg. dress, t-shirt, nightgown, bikini - pack a warm option too)
  • A packet of maternity pads/pull-ups
  • Essential Oils
  • Electric Diffuser
  • Thongs/Slippers/Slides
  • Water Bottle with straw
  • Snacks
  • TENS Machine
  • Heat Pack (some hospitals may not allow wheat bads, best to bring a gel pack)
  • Headphones
  • Speaker
  • Fairy Lights
  • Eye Mask
  • Hair Bands & brush
  • Lip Balm
  • Facial Mist
  • Massage cream / oil
  • Pregnancy/Postpartum supplements
  • Pillow/Blanket
  • Birth Plan (handheld notes for partner, if they have created some)
  • Camera/Device to record, take pictures (+ charger)
  • A form of ID (Medicare card, Drivers License)
  • Phone/Charger (A long phone charger to reach your bed is best)


  • Snacks
  • Tea/fave hot drink
  • 5x High wasited, comfy black underwear
  • 2x Maternity Bra
  • PJ's with feeding access eg. with buttons or zip
  • 2x Socks
  • A packet of maternity pads/pull-ups
  • Eye mask
  • Comfortable clothing (warm is best as hospitals get cold!)
  • Pads/disposable underwear
  • Perineal ice pack
  • Heat pack
  • Expressed colostrum
  • Warm cardigan/dressing gown
  • Toiletries eg. shampoo, conditioner, make-up remover etc
  • Spare bag for dirty laundry
  • Nipple cream


  • 5-8x Zippy/all in one suits
  • 1x Beanie
  • 1x Pair of Socks & Mittens
  • 2x Swaddles
  • 1x Warm Blanket
  • 1x Packet of Nappies
  • 1x Packet Baby wipes
  • Formula (if you are choosing to formula feed - most hospitals will not supply)
  • Some burping cloths
  • Going home outfit

Birth Partner

  • Comfortable clothes to last you a couple of days
  • Some board shorts or clothes that you’d be comfortable getting wet/dirty
  • Long phone charger
  • Your normal toiletries
  • Your own pillow
  • Hand-held notes - if you have created them
So there you go, we hope this has reduced the things you need to do on your To-Do list.
But wait there is more!
We've turned this into a downloadable guide, so all you need to do is print, pack and off you go!
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