Bring calm, awareness to your birthing preparations with these Positive Birthing Affirmation Cards. Use in conjunction with your Hypnobirthing, CalmBirthing, Antenal Education program or your own mindfulness practice to reduce anxiety, fear, labour complications. Pass on the serenity and beautiful happy emotions and feelings you experience to your baby to assist with bonding and nurturing post-birth.  *Newly Updated | V.3.0* This version is a completely refreshed card deck, in look, feel and orientation. The new design features our new branding, hand-drawn imagery, a number of new affirmations PLUS 3x bonus blank cards, so you can create your own affirmations. (This was a biggy for us - we heard your feedback and wanted to include this important feature as we know a number of women prefer to create their own affirmations. Why? Because not every birth is the same and that means everyone preparations will be different and some affirmations in the pack may not align with your birth plan or wishes.) We have taken thoughtful & careful time to design an elegant yet attention-drawing card deck so the birth affirmations can be read in the dimmest of lit rooms; this is also why we have chosen A5 rather than the standard A6.  To be used in conjunction with any Hypnobirthing, Calm Birthing, SheBirths or another mindful Antenatal Education program to help reduce anxiety, fear, labour complications.

Positive Birth Affirmation Card Deck

    • Includes seventeen (17) colour cards + 3 bonus blank cards = Total 20 cards
    • Custom made draw box - Portrait orientation
    • A5 (21cm x 15cm) 450gsm gloss with curved edges
    • Best Birth Co. branded reverse side
    • Each card has a selection of affirmations and positive birthing quotes selected to assist with the visualisation of dilation, baby's decent, to maintain focus, reduce fear and improve birth outcomes.