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Building community and supporting each other has reached a whole new level this year. There have been many restrictions that have affected us all to varying degrees, but one that has impacted birthing women like never before.
The restricting of birth support for the woman. Allowing only 1 support person on the day of birth within the hospital system. Most women of course want the presence of their partner on such a monumental event in their lives. But where does that leave the Doula, they hired to support them both through the process and journey of labour and birth?

As a Doula, I have witnessed firsthand what that has done to women and their partners on an emotional and mental level. Feeling stressed and unsure about how to navigate a turbulent medical system. Fortunately, the tides are turning, and the restrictions are easing, and we are returning to the birthing space to support our clients. But what a year!

What is continuity of CARE?

We know through research that women birth better when well supported with people they know and trust. It’s called continuity of care, forming a relationship with a care provider/s and knowing they will be present on the day you birth, creating trust, assurance and a calming presence to help ensure a positive outcome on the day.
I think we would all agree that there are many things this year that don’t make sense.

What you need to know:

  • Doulas are gaining access back into hospitals on a case by case basis.
  • There is a template letter that I share with all my clients and this is forwarded to their hospital management team. (happy to share this is needed)
  • Don’t give up! Ask for help, seek out the support of a doula, don’t believe all you hear.
  • If you’re not being heard or supported, then consider changing care providers or hospitals.

What this experience has highlighted for women is the need to be well informed and well researched if they are to achieve the birthing outcome they desire.

Pregnancy and birth is a magical time in a woman’s life and it deserves the full respect of all involved in caring for that woman to bring her baby safely and lovingly into this world, for without women there is no humanity.

Wishing you the very best on your pregnancy and birthing journey and may you be well supported and held to achieving your desired birth.
In gratitude,

Brooke x


About the Author:

Brooke Martin | Be Birth

Brooke a passionate birth advocate and has been champion women in babies for 12 years in both Hospital and Homebirth settings. She knows a thing or two about birth!

She is also a Sattva Yoga Teacher (follow her on Instagram @sattva_now), a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, a Private Coach and Author of Feelosopy of Birth, a stunning and transformative journal to capture your birthing journey from Moman to Maiden.

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