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Our Midwife | Tanya Fleming

Registered Endorsed Midwife in Private Practice


Atherton Tablelands, Cairns, FNQ 

P: 0427 916 700
IG: @ourmidwife_
I was born to midwifery and motherhood simultaneously at the turn of the century, 1999 and have been working with families in Far North Queensland for two decades.

Born and raised on the Atherton Tablelands, I am deeply connected to this place I call home. I can’t deny the influence that my personal journey through pregnancy, birth and motherhood has had on my development as a midwife. The opportunity to birth my five children at home, in water, with the support of a midwife, has inspired and given rise to Our Midwife.

We trust, nurture and honour the spirit of pregnancy, birth and motherhood and believe in the strength of women to grow, birth, nourish and nurture new life into this world. Our Midwife believes that birth is a woman’s sacred rite of passage to motherhood that holds life-long significance on the health & wellbeing of mothers, babies, families and communities.

Our vision is to be “with woman”, providing true midwifery care that supports women throughout the transformational journey of pregnancy, birth & motherhood. Nurturing a relationship built on the foundation of trust, our aim is to partner with women and their families to empower them to lead their childbirth experience. Our Midwife will protect and support the journey of pregnancy and childbirth as a normal life event, driven by our belief and trust in the power of natural birth.
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