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Mama Bear Doula | Katherine Kleu



Hills District, Western Sydney, Lower and Upper Mountains and South of Sydney, NSW

P: 0401 473 423
IG: @mama_bear_doula
FB: @Katherine.mamabeardoula


My name is Katherine - I’m a qualified Birth and Postpartum Doula based in Western Sydney. I travel to support clients in the Hills District, Western Sydney, Lower and Upper Mountains and South of Sydney.

I am a mum of two beautiful children who enlighten and encourage me every day. I had the privilege of having a student doula when I gave birth to my son. As your Doula, my role is to provide balanced research and resources to inform families of their options and be a sounding board for you and your partner so that you feel confident to navigate the vast and often perplexing birth journey. I act as a calm and reassuring presence at every type of birth (hospital, home, birth centre).

As your doula, I will hold the space for you and look after the logistics so that you can focus on your birth. It can be challenging to see the person you love going through the intensity of childbirth, I will also be there for your birth partner, freeing them up to be focused and completely present for you, while receiving whatever support they may need.

In the postpartum period, I’m also there to help you with feeding, wrapping, bathing, settling and generally integrating a baby into your life while supporting you emotionally and de-briefing your birth experience.

Whatever stage of pregnancy or planning you are at, it is never too early (or too late) to start a conversation about your journey, birth and postpartum support.

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