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Rhiannon James Doula

Rhiannon James Doula | Rhiannon James

Rhiannon James Doula

Postpartum Doula and Breastfeeding Education


Central Coast and Virtual Support anywhere in the World

P: 0423 473 943
IG: @rhiannonjamesdoula


I believe in the long lasting benefits to your physical, emotional and mental health that investing time and energy into preparing and planning your fourth trimester and breastfeeding journey brings. As well as the deep felt impact in having someone help nourish and nurture you in your early mothering days. You can never experience your fourth trimester again, even if you have multiple children, these times are all equally as precious, sacred and unique. Just like the birth of your baby, you'll remember your first weeks as a newborn mother for the rest of your life!

My life's work is to guide and support women to have an amazing fourth trimester, you don't need to wait till later in your pregnancy to start preparing!

I offer a range of packages that can be tailored to your unique needs. These include: pregnancy support, postpartum planning and preparation, birth education awareness, breastfeeding education with the Thompson Method, emotional and physical support with home visits after your baby has arrived including organic postpartum specific meals and drinks, resource library, Facebook support group and I also host women's circles.

I'd love to support you during the most transformative time of your life!


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