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Picture this... a modern village, where the very air hums with understanding and support for the profound journey of motherhood. Here, each woman emerges from her birthing experience feeling empowered and ready to embrace the challenges and joys ahead. Today, it's my absolute pleasure to introduce you to Bernadette – the driving force behind Core and Floor Restore, the compassionate co-host of The Great Birth Rebellion podcast, and the visionary creator of Motheration. But let's be honest, in the birth world, Bernadette needs no formal introduction. She is a beacon of inspiration and a humorous advocate for women's birthing rights (and really the whole gamut of rights). In this vibrant village, she is celebrated not just for her achievements, but for her compassionate presence –you know her as B.

B's journey is a testament to resilience, self-discovery, and an unyielding commitment to empowering women through every stage of their journey – from the tender moments of pregnancy to the transformative landscape of postpartum and beyond. Join me as we dive deep into Bernadette's holistic approach to wellness and her unwavering mission to support women in embracing their fullest potential. 

So, without further ado, I give you the former panter wetter herself, B!

B Core and Floor

What inspired you to start Core and Floor Restore, and how does it help women prepare, restore and strengthen their core and pelvic floor?

Core and Floor was originally for me and me only. It was to help me heal from my incontinence issues. It wasn't until I went back into the gym space that I realised most of the fitness world is not ideal for our healing bodies and that women needed more. So I went and became a personal trainer in order to teach others what I'd learned and enable them not to feel alone and know they can heal.

The biggest thing it does is faciliatate people connecting to their own bodies and realising they are the experts and that they can listen to, be guided by and respect their bodies messaging. We work holistically at Core and Floor to ensure we treat the whole person because you experience your issues with all of your mind and body and we need to be treated in that way to. We can't just treat one tiny part of us like a muscle group, we must treat all of us, as one unit because that's what we are.

What are some of the common myths and misconceptions about core and pelvic floor health that you encounter in your work?

That people just have to do Kegels to heal. That people can't heal and have to live with their issues forever. That the pelvic floor and/or birth are to blame for our issues.

B from Motheration

How do you incorporate evidence-based research and holistic approaches in your programs and services?

I use an evidence-informed approach, meaning I look at the evidence and incorporate it, but I also look at my own practice and what I see working and what I know has worked for myself and others in the past. I love choice and offering choice and making people aware of it and then inviting people to really lean into "does this feel right for me". All my work with trauma has showed me that this is the most important thing. If it felt right for them. There's never one right or wrong way, there is just a way that feels right for that person. Finding what works and feels right for you is key to everything in life and so my biggest mantra is always "do you". Do what feels good because if it does then it will work.

Your co-host to the hugely popular podcast, The Great Birth Rebellion, who was your favourite guest/topic and why?

Ohhh this was a tough one! I think it would be Episode 40 with Lael Stone where we talk postpartum and how we need to shift from holding the baby to holding the mother. I think we plan so much for birth yet we need to plan a lot more for postpartum and this just doesn't happen and it's not ok. We really need to honour postpartum healing, the health of the world depends on it.

The Great Birth Rebellion Podcast
How do you support women to have a positive caesarean birth experience if that is their choice or necessity?

They can book a one-on-one chat with us to go through what they feel they want and need during birth and map it out. We also covered three episodes on this on the Great Birth Rebellion (episodes 37 to 39), and I wrote a huge blog post on it, which can be found here 


You’ve recently come onboard as a stockist of both our Birth Affirmation & Milestone Cards, how do you believe our cards can help women during pregnancy & postpartum?

Birth is in the mind as much as it's in our hearts, bodies and stories. Anything we can do to train our minds to be informed and feel safe will enable our bodies too. Having positive affirmations can be for some people a huge part of it. I know my affirmations got me through labour twice and enabled me to really embrace and enjoy my second labour. Having choice in the cards enables people to find something that is a full body yes for them and align themselves with what they want and where they need to go.

Core and Floor Buy Birth Affirmations Baby Milestone Cards

How do you help women plan for a powerful postpartum period that holds them physically, mentally and emotionally?

Through one-on-one consults, either postpartum planning, birth debriefing or parenting and partnering support. Our programs, Holding the Mother and Centering the Mother and my Modern Mum Village - where we talk all things motherhood and how we can shift our stories that are holding us back and become the best versions of ourselves in all aspects of our life

How do you create a safe, compassionate and loving space for women to connect with other mums and share their experiences of motherhood on your online community The Modern Mum Village?

I definitely don't do it on my own, we all do it together. It's a village effort. I think what attracts people to my work and the village is my authenticity and comfort in sharing everything. I'm real, I'm raw and I'm comfortable to go anywhere. I've lived it, I am living it. I'm still working on it and I'm not afraid to share any of that. I believe in the power of storytelling and I acknowledge the huge honour it is to sit with other women, hear their stories and witness their feelings. Safety comes when we realise we are not alone and in fact there is a whole lot of compassion out there that replaces the preconceived judgment.


How do you coach women to make space for the emotional and physical self-care they deserve, guilt-free, on your eight-week online coaching program?

Here's the thing, what would being the best version of you enable? What version of you as a mother do you become? A partner? Daughter? Friend? Why hold guilt over something that supports and enriches our lives? We tell ourselves stories from what we have witnessed the women before us do and whilst they weren't wrong, the stories don't have to be right.

Centering the Mother | Motheration
What are some of the ways that women can honour and use their placenta after birth, including the option of eating it?

We did an episode of this on the Great Birth Rebellion and covered it all.... you can find it here. I think it's important to note there is a huge difference between eating it and encapsulation, too ;-)

Pelvic Floor health: what should we all be doing today to care for our 80-year-old future selves?

Moving our bodies with compassion and joy! Understanding ourselves, our stories, how we hold and move our body and what feels right for us. Thinking about what we want this life to look like and living life in a way that will enable that!

As we conclude this insightful conversation with Bernadette, I'm struck by the profound wisdom she's shared. Bernadette's journey, from founding Core and Floor Restore to co-hosting The Great Birth Rebellion and co-creating Motheration, embodies the transformative essence of motherhood. Her steadfast dedication to supporting women through the sacred journey of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum reflects the resilience and love inherent in motherhood.


About Bernadette Lack

B from Core and Floor Restore

Bernadette is a passionate advocate for holistic women's health and empowerment. As the founder of Core and Floor Restore, she discovered the transformative power of holistic approaches in supporting women's core and pelvic floor health. Bernadette co-created Motheration and co-hosts The Great Birth Rebellion podcast, where she engages in candid conversations about childbirth and motherhood, advocating for informed choice and empowerment. With her authentic and compassionate approach, Bernadette creates safe spaces for women to connect and support each other on their journeys through motherhood.Be sure to check out her live classes; they are amazing!

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