Imagine stepping into birth & labour with positive excitement & CONFIDENCE. You feel EMPOWERED about what is to come, CALM and ready for whatever twists & turns birth presents.  Any anxiety or fear you may have are not a concern because you have a SIMPLE TOOL that has been proven beneficial in promoting

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We create Positive Birth Affirmation Cards.
They are a powerful tool for birth that both women & birth workers alike highly recommend. 

They are ONE Simple TOOL for your BEST BIRTH

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Birth is MENTAL
Like, it literally happens in the mind!

Yep - Not the pelvis! I know crazy!
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Our Mission


We create Positive Birth Affirmation Cards that help women birth their babies calmly, confidently and without fear.

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When you

change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change"


- Marie Mongan

Hypnobirthing The Marie Mongan Method


Education is


We're BIG belivers in the power of knowledge. Through education you discover that birth is a wonderous, natural & completely normal rite of passage - not something that puts your life in grave danger.


By harnessing the power of your mind you can control the sensations and discomforts you encounter along your birthing journey.


Through this journey you will learn to see the pain in a new light, they are not life-threatening but necessary waves of progress, each one moving you ever so much closer towards meeting and safely delivering your baby. They are manageable and you are CAPABLE of handling them!

What's so Special About our cards?

Hand-drawn imagery, inspiring and empowering Affirmations and Visualisation prompts PLUS 3x bonus blank cards, so you can create your own affirmations.


This was an important feature as we know a number of women prefer to create their own affirmations.


Why? Because not every birth is the same and that means everyone preparations will be different and some affirmations in the pack may not align with your birth plan or wishes.)

We have taken thoughtful & careful time to design an elegant yet attention-drawing card deck so the birth affirmations can be read in the dimmest of lit rooms; this is also why we have chosen A5 rather than the standard A6. 


To be used in conjunction with any Hypnobirthing, Calm Birthing, SheBirths or another mindful Antenatal Education program to help reduce anxiety, fear, labour complications. 

17x beautiful and inspiring birth affirmation cards designed with positive birth affirmations to help in your birthing preparations. 

A5 in size - designed to be seen across the room and in low light.


That HypnoBirthing mothers (or those who incorporate a Mindfulness practice into their birthing preparations) birth more comfortably and have much-improved outcomes.

Studies have shown that Mothers who incorporate a Mindfulness practice such as Hypnobirthing (which includes the use of Affirmation Cards) into their birthing preparations, birthed more comfortably and had much-improved outcomes.

of hypnobirthing mothers who birthed vaginally did so without an epidural;​



of hypnobirthing mothers birthed in under eight hours;





of hypnobirthing mothers birthed via c-section, compared with the national average of 32%;

of hypnobirthing mothers chose to birth in their homes & 6% in freestanding
birth centres



According to Hypnobirthing research, on average 77% of hypnobirthing mothers who birthed vaginally did so without an epidural.

Use the tool Birth Workers gift their clients
empowered, positive birth
by reducing your

What is the tool? 
Visualisation of course! 

When you visualise how you will birth your baby can improve your birthing outcomes. So powerful is this technique it is the reason why so many elite athletes, successful business professionals and NOW Mum's-to-be like you, use visualisation to manifest and achieve their goals.

Display your Positive Birth Affirmation Cards and look at them every day. That's it! So simple, yet so powerful!

This powerful, daily practice of combining visualisation with positive birth affirmation cards will become your secret weapon.

A couple of months from now you will have your baby in your arms and you will smile with pride, knowing you prepared for their birth calmly, positively and with so much love.

That's why I know our hugely popular Positive Birth Affirmation Cards can support you to achieve the Best Birth outcomes for you….


I'm ready to start my

What will these Affirmation Cards do for you?


These cards have been created with you in mind - a Mumma-to-be who wants as natural-a-birth as possible and wants an easy to use tool that will:

Reduce your fear and anxiety

Boost and connect you more deeply with your baby


Bring you back to centre & help you maintain your calm, your breath and keep you focused

And prepare you for your birthing day no matter what path their delivery takes

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Affirmations play a powerful role in birth!

How do we know? Because they were designed and used during my son's home birth.


I was so blown away by how quick his birth was - 6hrs established, 2hrs active -it was a relatively pain-free and fun birth. Lots of laughter smiles and periods of sleep.

We made a great team! Me, my baby, the cards and my breath!


I literally had moments of euphoria, pure bliss, and calm - I even had a 25mins sleep - (yep like deep, proper snoring deep sleep!)


Are you ready for your 

Best Birth?