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To you I bring wisdom of ancient lineage and the universal energy which flows within us all. Birth is the most indispensable experience of human life, for the creator and creation. Without birth, there is no life.

I wish to be a channel for you, a sister to hold your space. May remembrance come of the deep innate knowing within you. May the sacred feminine greet you as you come home to yourself, Birthing Goddess. You are a portal of life.

For you I listen, to hear your desires for birth; how you wish to create your creation day. May I hold space for your birthing journey, however it may look or feel. You deserve a trauma free, spirited birth, filled with oxytocin and support. A space for you as the birth giver to feel safe, heard and empowered.

Embody the Goddess and she will appear. Birth is your sacred right, a rite of passage and rewiring of the brain - the Mothermorphosis.

You deserve to birth connected, respected and in control. This is your birth story.

This is Herstory.

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