Are you starting to feel the effects of this pandemic? Not the physical effects but the mentals ones? The worry, fear, anxiety? Don't worry, you are not alone, sometimes we feel them too. But did you know that Positive Affirmation Cards are one of the easiest ways to quieten those fears and stop your mind spiralling out of control? 

Positive Birth Affirmation Cards can:

  • Calm your mind
  • Reduce your anxieties
  • Minimise fears
  • Return you to centre and allow you to focus on a very simple technique of breathing and being mindful
  • Helps maintain a positive outlook on the future ahead

They do this by returning you to the present moment (and provide an escape from what is troubling your mind), connects you with your heart, mind & body and slows your breathing - which has this neat trick of pulling you out of the fight, flight or freeze response (which lowers those pesky stress hormones that flood your blood system). 


19x beautiful and inspiring birth affirmation cards designed with positive birthing mantras and quotes to help in your birthing preparations. e-Cards for immediate download - print them out and display around your home or pick one card as use as your daily mantra or guiding focus. Or, save them to your phone and project to your TV or monitor. 


Downloadable file - PDF

19x A6 Affirmation Cards - 4x cards to a page


We have taken thoughtful & careful time to design this stunning Affirmation Card deck, especially for the Covid-19 pandemic having received a number of requests form our birthing community, who have used our Positive Birth Affirmation Cards to have pain free, short, complicated labours. 

e-Cards | Affirmation Cards for COVID-19