Best Birth co.'s Positive Birth Affirmation Card Deck Now Available

To say that I am beyond excited is an understatement! This project has been one year and 3 months in the making so you can only imagine how proud I am to introduce you to the Best Birth Co.'s Positive Birth Affirmation Card Deck!

The Positive Birth Affirmation Cards were created to help women birth their babies calmly, confidently and without fear. They can help YOU feel empowered on your birthing day.

I created these cards during the months leading up to the birth of my baby boy Charlie. My husband and I completed the Hypnobirthing / SheBirths' courses and while the daily practice helped calm and prepare my mind, I found I needed a visual element to cement the practice, so I set about designing 17x A5 cards and displayed them around my home (above the birthing pool in our living room) and at my desk at work. But they had to be:

  • stunningly beautiful

  • the images had to portray and help to capture the messages I selected for each card

  • they had to be easy to read from across the room and,

  • as I was birthing at home they had to be easily read in low light.

It certainly helped that I knew where I would birth my baby (at home in the, in the living room, in a birthing bath) the cards allowed me to visualise my baby's birth in every detail, right down to the hour he was born, duration and physical sensations; I was mentally prepared for his arrival.

I attribute my mostly pain-free and at times fun & quick labour (established 6hrs, active 2hr) to Hypnobirthing, my incredibly supportive birthing team and the Positive Affirmation Cards I designed.

It has been a year since Charlie was born but I have had a burning desire to share the cards with other Mumma's-to-be since his birth-day. I was so empowered and in awe of my body that day that I wish other Mumma's-to-be could have access to the tools I used to prepare my body, mind & baby that it is my wish that the Best Birth Co.'s Positive Birth Affirmation Card Deck can assist you with your Best Birth.

And if you are not pregnant yourself but know of someone who is, these cards would make a wonderful and thoughtful Baby Shower gift for the Mother-to-be.

Order your Card Deck NOW

Happy Birthing & much love,

Sara x

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