Birth is something to look forward to!

When you have the right tools magic can happen!

With a positive, daily mindfulness practice you can control your fears, be in control of your pain and you could even reduce your labour length! 





for your

Best Birth

Introducing our Positive Birth Affirmation Card Deck

Hello! I'm Sara,

founder & designer of Best Birth Co.


I believe in the power of the mind, intentions and visualisations so much that I used them to help me prepare for my baby's my home birth - where I birthed my son (all 4.5kg's of him!) in under 8hrs.


I created our Best Birth Co's Positive Birth Affirmation Cards to help women birth their babies calmly, confidently and without fear. There is a reason we keep selling out! 


These cards will help you feel empowered & prepared come your birthing day.

I believe that preparation, education and mindfulness practice are key 

to your Best Birth.....

...however, and wherever you choose to birth!


You CAN manage your pain, reduce your anxiety, fears and improve your birthing outcomes.


Our Mission



That's me after birthing my son, drug-free at home. The cards were so instrumental!

We create Positive Birth Affirmation Cards that help women birth their babies calmly, confidently and without fear.

An empowered, positive birth that reduces your fear, anxiety and labour duration is something

you can prepare for.


Mothers who incorporated a Positive Birthing practice of Birth Affirmation Cards, Hypnobirthing, Visualisation and Manifesting improved their birthing outcomes.

SO, what were their Best Birth outcomes and what exactly did they do?:

  • They created a daily mindfulness practice

  • They used Positive Affirmations as a key preparation tool

  • They reduced their fear

  • They had incredible, beautiful births and some had orgasmic birthing experiences

  • Their babies had better post-birth outcomes

  • Their partners felt more involved and able to support throughout their birthing day

  • They had less medical interventions

And yes, all of these outcomes are totally within your reach ….

….but achieving these results is only possible when you re-frame the way you think about birth, dare to open your mind, visualise your birth positively and start to carve out a daily mindfulness practice.


Don't take my word for it 

Here's what our Clients had to say

The positive birth affirmation cards helped me create my birth space to be as magical as the birth that we did create. Our third baby joined us earth-side with grace and peace. The cards really enabled me to focus on going within to allow a beautiful birth experience.

Zoe, NSW


These cards were just the BEST! I used them so much in the days leading to our birth, I found they helped calm my mind when doubt and fear crept in. The perfect companion to Hypnobirthing. Thank you so much.

Georgie, NSW


I loved the cards so much. I used them through early breastfeeding days as well to inspire trust when my body was learning what to do. I would highly recommend them to others!!

Laura, VIC


I loved using these cards during labour! I set them up at home and then later at the hospital. They kept me focused and the mantras helped me visualise my body birthing my baby. The cards definitely kept me going during my very long labour and birth!

Annie, NSW


What's so Special About these cards?

Version 3.0

This version is a completely refreshed card deck, in look, feel and orientation. The new design features our new branding, hand-drawn imagery, a number of new affirmations PLUS 3x bonus blank cards, so you can create your own affirmations.


This was an important feature as we know a number of women prefer to create their own affirmations.


Why? Because not every birth is the same and that means everyone preparations will be different and some affirmations in the pack may not align with your birth plan or wishes.)


We have taken thoughtful & careful time to design an elegant yet attention-drawing card deck so the birth affirmations can be read in the dimmest of lit rooms; this is also why we have chosen A5 rather than the standard A6. 


To be used in conjunction with any Hypnobirthing, Calm Birthing, SheBirths or another mindful Antenatal Education program to help reduce anxiety, fear, labour complications. 

17x beautiful and inspiring birth affirmation cards designed with positive birth affirmations to help in your birthing preparations. 

A5 in size - designed to be seen across the room and in low light.

Education is


Through education you discover that birth is a wonderous, natural & completely normal rite of passage - it is not something that puts your life in grave danger.


By harnessing the power of your mind you can control the sensations and discomforts you encounter along your birthing journey.


You will learn to see the pain you experience as necessary waves of progress, each one moving you ever so much closer towards meeting and safely delivering your baby.

When you

change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change"


- Marie Mongan

Hypnobirthing The Marie Mongan Method



That HypnoBirthing mothers (or those who incorporate a Mindfulness practice into their birthing preparations) birth more comfortably and have much-improved outcomes.

Studies have shown that Mothers who incorporate a Mindfulness practice such as Hypnobirthing (which includes the use of Affirmation Cards) into their birthing preparations, birthed more comfortably and had much-improved outcomes.

of hypnobirthing mothers who birthed vaginally did so without an epidural;​



of hypnobirthing mothers birthed in under eight hours;





of hypnobirthing mothers birthed via c-section, compared with the national average of 32%;

of hypnobirthing mothers chose to birth in their homes & 6% in freestanding

birth centres



That's right…..according to Hypnobirthing research, on average 77% of hypnobirthing mothers who birthed vaginally did so

without an epidural.

Use the tool Birth Workers give to their clients


an empowered, positive birth AND reduce your

fear, anxiety and length of labour!

What is it? Visualisation! 


When you visualise how you will birth your baby can improve your birthing outcomes. So powerful is this technique it is the reason why so many elite athletes, successful business professionals and NOW Mum's-to-be like you, use visualisation to manifest and achieve their goals.

All you need to do is display your cards and look at them every day. That's it! So simple, yet so powerful!


This powerful, daily practice of combining visualisation with positive birth affirmation cards will become your secret weapon.


A couple of months from now you will have your baby in your arms and you will smile with pride, knowing you prepared for their birth calmly, positively and with so much love.

That's why I know our hugely popular Positive Birth Affirmation Cards can support you to achieve the Best Birth outcomes for you….

I'm ready to start my


What will these Affirmation Cards do for you?


These cards have been created with you in mind - a Mumma-to-be who wants as natural a birth as possible and wants an easy to use tool that will:

Reduce your fear and anxiety

Boost and connect you more deeply with your baby


Bring you back to centre & help you maintain your calm, your breath and keep you focused

And prepare you for your birthing day no matter what path their delivery takes

Why am I sure these Cards will be helpful for you?

Because I designed and used them for my baby's home birth.


Charlie's birth was one of my greatest achievements. I was so blown away by how quick (6hrs established, 2hrs active), relatively pain-free and fun his birth was.

It was me, my baby, my cards and my breath and I literally had moments of euphoria, pure bliss, and calm - I even had a 25mins sleep -

(yep like deep, proper snoring deep sleep!)



Are you ready for your 

Best Birth?