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Sacred Sister Birthkeeper | Tyler Scott 



Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

P:  0428 076 887
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 Hello my name is Tyler,

After experiencing two of my own positive births, I couldn’t help but wonder why so many women in my world continued to share their traumatic birth experiences. It really saddened me to continually hear this, but it sparked a strong passion to be apart of the difference.

My passion lies with supporting pregnant first-time mothers, because as a first-time mother you quite often “don’t know what you don’t know”.
It’s really important that we start to support these women through their maiden to mother journey, as it will shape the remainder of their future, including subsequent pregnancies and their journey through motherhood. I also love supporting mothers striving for a VBAC, homebirth or free birth, however I’m able to support women wherever they feel safest for their birth.

I love fostering a safe and nurturing environment, free of judgement for mothers as they learn, grow, and take important steps towards reclaiming sovereignty in the birth space. This journey through rites of passage is both sacred and profound, and it deserves a deep respect.

To better support the mother, I adore helping birth partners grasp a better understanding of birth physiology and arming them with tips, tricks and techniques to provide the mother with comfort during labour and birth.

I’m incredibly passionate about providing evidence-based birth education, so couples can feel calm and confident in their informed decision making.

Furthermore, it is my greatest wish that women can find the strength, bravery and courage to cultivate self-trust on their journey to self-empowerment.

In a world where there is so much noise and misconception relating to pregnancy, birth and motherhood, I am called on to bring you back into your body, back to your instincts and back to what nature intended.

- To add more value to my client offerings, I’m very excited to announce that I will also be accepting clients for in-person 1:1, group and virtual hypnobirthing classes in early 2024.

Additionally, I believe self-care is majorly underrated for us mothers!, and so I have opened an online store with pregnant and postpartum mothers in mind. Here you will be able to view a range of self-made body products and other externally sourced self-care products specially made to make you feel loved and nurtured.

Gone are the days of spending ALL of your money on bubs! It’s time to level up your self-care game and treat yourself.

All of my love,


Sacred Sister Birthkeeper  Tyler Scott

Sacred Sister Birthkeeper  Tyler Scott
Sacred Sister Birthkeeper  Tyler Scott


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