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Pregnancy Birth and Beyond | Jane Palmer

Midwife & Online Retailer


Australia and New Zealand | Online

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PBB was established in 1992 by our CEO Jane Palmer to offer childbirth education classes and later midwifery services to improve the experience of women and their families.

In 1999, launched as a public health information website, providing a comprehensive source of well-known and up-to-date information and support throughout pregnancy, birth and parenting. We aim to make it easy for you to be well informed. Choices matter.

In 2012, PBB established the first Midwifery and Medical Centre in Australia. The centre, known as the PBB Health Centre, combined midwifery and medical services. A unique and innovative venture aimed at providing holistic midwifery and family medical care.

In 2017, we sold the PBB Health Centre. We moved into our current warehouse in North Parramatta, which offers plenty of space to grow and allows easy access for customers collecting their orders. Major Change Due to the Australian advertising law surrounding registered health professionals, we had to make the heart-rending decision to stop providing health services in 2018 and underwent a company restructure.

This restructuring allows us to continue writing extensively about all issues facing expectant and new parents and promote families’ choices. Our website now contains over 2000 pages (and is still growing). It‘s a popular site that helps parents make well-informed decisions about their children throughout pregnancy, birth and the first months of a baby’s life.

On ‘PBB’s ever-growing website, you’ll find extensive information developed by our dedicated team of writers about everything from pre-conception to postnatal care and how to parent gently and effectively. Even better, we have a directory of hospitals, birth centres and waterbirth facilities across Australia, improving your access to information.

Our Fabulous Online Store sells an extensive, carefully selected range of pregnancy, midwifery, parenting and breastfeeding products. Our most popular products include our birth pool range and midwifery supplies. For breastfeeding promotion, we also specialise in breastfeeding products and have breast pumps for hire.

PBB is the go-to online store for women and health professionals seeking:
* Waterbirth products
* Breastfeeding products
* Midwifery supplies
* Alternative pregnancy, birthing and postnatal supplies
* Natural remedies for pregnancy and birth, including aromatherapy
* Alternative baby products
* Arts and crafts gifts for new mothers and midwives
* Homebirth supplies

Why are we different?
PBB is the only organisation in Australia that provides a unique product range and supplies to a niche market of private practice midwives, hospital midwives, expectant parents, hospitals and universities across Australia and internationally.

We sell the most extensive range of birth pools and accessories enabling easy access for customers due to our location keeps shipping costs low because of a high volume of sales and due to special rates with Australia Post has unique experience in the industry, is long-established and well known maintains a massive database containing more than 17,500 customers.

We’re also well-known for: having a clear vision of our purpose and objectives our enthusiastic staff, who support the ‘company’s goals and philosophy our high-quality service being independent of health care systems our ability to act quickly to fill gaps in services or products responding promptly to our ‘client’s needs.

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