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OneMamaMidwife | Lauren Brenton

Registered Midwife


Online, Instagram

P: 0405 382 629
IG: @onemamamidwife

I’m Lauren, a registered midwife and mum of three little kids (Mason, 6; Lyla, 3; Coda, 8mths) and I am passionate about educating and empowering women along their pregnancy, labour and birth and postnatal journey to motherhood.

I believe it is of the utmost importance that women are informed about every aspect of their maternity care, involved in the decision making and therefore supported to have the best possible experience that they can. I work across the continuum from antenatal care, delivery suite (where I am most passionate about) and postnatal care (including; sleeping/settling, wrapping, bathing, breastfeeding, formula feeding).

I am currently studying my Masters of Midwifery so that I am able to further improve my care of women and their families. I really enjoy helping women and advocating for women in every way that I can :)


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