Birth is not in the pelvis! Your mind controls EVERYTHING! Take back control with one SIMPLE yet POWERFUL tool
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Maiden Meets Mother | Suzy Volokh

Matrescence & Pregnancy Coach & Hypnobirthing Australia Facilitator 


Melbourne and Online Australia-wide, VIC

IG: @maiden.meets.mother

Hello Mama to be,


I am so honoured that you are here. I'm Suzy, Pregnancy & Matrescence Coach, Facilitator and Childbirth Educator.


I’m deeply passionate about guiding you to own how you choose to birth, experience motherhood and confidently navigate pre-conception, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum to move through fear, embrace uncertainty, let go of shame and guilt, tap into your deep inner well of knowing, build self-trust, lovingly meet all parts of you, and ultimately through this deep transformation give birth to your most authentic self. 
I support women who are ready to: 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of who you are, what you value and how you desire to experience motherhood
  • Release fears and self-limiting beliefs around birth and labour and what it means to be a mother
  • Become more equipped with the knowledge, tools and techniques for a Positive Calm Birth
  • Feel physically, emotionally, and mentally prepared for your pregnancy, in labour, at birth, and as a mother
  • Cultivate a deeper, more loving relationship with all parts of yourself  Debrief and heal an unresolved birth experience
  • Connect to your maternal knowing
  • Create space in your life for pregnancy and motherhood And more
Offering 1:1 Coaching, Hypnobirthing Australia Classes and Birth Mapping Sessions. I'm so looking forward to meeting you and supporting you on your incredible sacred journey. 

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