Birth is not in the pelvis! Your mind controls EVERYTHING! Take back control with one SIMPLE yet POWERFUL tool
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Blue Mountains Hypnobirthing | Zellie Boyall

Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner 


Blue Mountains & Sydney, NSW

P: 0416 684 282
IG: @blue_mountains_hypnobirthing
FB: @bluemountainshypnobirthing


Hello and welcome!

I’m Zellie, mother of four and a passionate believer in supporting birthing mothers with an education that empowers them for one of the most important moments of their lives.

Becoming a hypnobirthing practitioner was a very natural step for me as it appealed to both my nurturing side and my desire to advocate for birthing mothers. Birthing my own hypnobubs,

I experienced firsthand how valuable the tools hypnobirthing teaches and what that knowledge can accomplish. The techniques go beyond the birthing suite and become part of the journey towards motherhood. They create a truly special birthing experience and I am keen to share this knowledge.

I’m an aspiring midwife and doula and wholeheartedly believe that becoming a mother should start with a positive birth experience. I would be honoured to walk with you on your unique birthing journey and am committed to supporting you, no matter what circumstances arise.

I’ve created a safe and sacred space in the beautiful Blue Mountains that provides comfort and tranquillity. My vision, built on the understanding that every woman is unique, ensures that your experience is positive and empowering.

I would love nothing more than to be there for you during this exciting chapter of your life and aim to provide you with everything you need for a positive birth experience.

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