Birth is not in the pelvis! Your mind controls EVERYTHING! Take back control with one SIMPLE yet POWERFUL tool
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So you're pregnant? Congratulations!
Depending on where you are up to with your pregnancy will no doubt bring up different emotions - excited, happy, nervous, anxious, scared, worried, calm, positive, ready, prepared.
That last one is interesting isn't? It's not an emotion, but something we talk about. Why is being prepared so important? Talk to several positive birth advocates and they will all tell you that women who are prepared have better outcomes. That women who are educated about their birth choices are an empowered woman! And when you are empowered you are prepared; to put it plainly you know exactly what you are walking into, you know the many routes your baby's birth might take and you are ready for these. You are NOT walking in blindly to birth, handing over your power to your care providers hoping for the best.
Recently we have been connecting with some expecting Mumma's, and all of them have been asking about what they can do to be best prepared, so we thought we would share them with you.
Here they are, our Top 5 tips for a Positive, Empowered Birth
  1. Educate yourself as much as possible. Don’t be guided by your health providers, it is your body and baby and they are there to assist. Now, that is not to say you shouldn't listen to them, their role is to advise and provide recommendations. Your role is to decide is bone est for your baby AND YOU! Don't be bullied into something, particularly if it doesn't feel right in your gut (this is the beginning of your Mothers intuition). The more you know about birth, interventions, what is evidence-based and what is a Hospital policy (this is a BIG one) etc, the better you will feel about what you are comfortable with. We have a load of books we recommend here in our Instagram stories. We also have a whole series of stories dedicated to birthing tips - we encourage you to check them out. 
  2. Hire a Doula - they are seriously the best investment and will be such huge support - particular if you are scared or worried. Women who have Doula’a have better outcomes. Check out our directory to find one near you
  3. Do a Hypnobirthing, CalmBirthing, SheBirths or similar education class. Birth is very much a mental game, the more you can get out of your head and into your body the better!! Check out the Directory for educators we recommend - here our cards support these practices beautifully too btw!!
  4. Look into Spinning Babies and iBirthProfessionals - they blow our minds!! They both offer proven techniques to help create space, assist with uncomfortable pain pre-birth, assist with delivery and moving baby down and out. Again check out our Directory as a number of our Birth Workers are trained in these techniques.
  5. Don’t engage in hearing others birth stories. We don’t know why, but women love to share the dramatic, ugly details of birth (which highlights there are not enough platforms, support works to allow women to safely talk and process their births - but that is for another post). BUT... You don’t need to hear them, or to have any seeds of doubt planted in your strong and powerful mind. We are big believers in visualisation and manifesting, that's obviously why we felt so strongly about creating our Positive Birth Affirmation Card Decks - we just believe in the power of the mind when it comes to positive birthing outcomes! Fill your mind with positive stories, pictures and videos (there are some incredible doco’s out there - eg. the Face of Birth, and Ina Mae Gaskin's 'Birth Story', The Business of Being Born, to name a few. Watch those!!)

So there you are, our Top 5 tips for a Positive and Empowered Birth! Birth is beautiful, the most incredible experience you will have!! 

**Pssst** And if you are worried about the pain, don’t be. Your body makes the most incredible pain relief. You should be allowed to progress in an undisturbed manner, one where you are allowed to voyage inside your mind and body, where you can connect with your primal instincts and allow those wonderful hormones to birth your baby. 

Please know that Birth can be intense BUT it is NOT life-threatening, ok. In the grand scheme of things - say in the measurement of a lifetime - it is such a short window of intensity. That "intensity" is totally manageable!! Namely because it comes and goes (contractions/waves). Those breaks allow you and baby to take a breath, recalibrate and continue.

Your body is amazing!! We are so excited for you!

Happy Birthing!

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