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We are delighted you are interested in learning more about our Birth Worker program and love that you are as passionate about birth as we are!

You might be a Birth Worker, looking to increase the devotion and service you provide to your clients or perhaps a retailer interested in stocking our Positive Birth tools. We look forward to sharing the two options with you below (one will generally resonate with you more, but don't worry if you want to sign-up to both, many do!).


Scroll down to learn more about our mission and the program. Or if you are keen to skip ahead to those two options I mentioned, you can jump ahead now.

We look forward to sharing our Birth Worker program with you. 

Sara x

Our Mission



We create Positive Birth Affirmation Cards that help women birth their babies calmly, confidently and without fear.

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1 in 3 Australian women are experiencing birth trauma, 1 in 10 come out of childbirth with PTSD, plus there are reports of obstetric violence and a lack of consent. These reports are becoming increasingly common.


Birthing mothers need support, education and tools to help them birth their babies safely.

BUT.. there is something women can do to have an

empowered, positive birth that reduces fear, anxiety and labour duration

Studies have shown that Mothers who incorporate a Mindfulness practice such as Hypnobirthing (which includes the use of Affirmation Cards) into their birthing preparations, birthed more comfortably and had much-improved outcomes.

of hypnobirthing mothers who birthed vaginally did so without an epidural;​



of hypnobirthing mothers birthed in under eight hours;





of hypnobirthing mothers birthed via c-section, compared with the national average of 32%;

of hypnobirthing mothers chose to birth in their homes & 6% in freestanding

birth centres



One SIMPLE tool

To help improve birth outcomes

A beautifully designed Card Deck for birthing women who intend to birth their babies naturally - whether that be at home, in water, at a birth centre or hospital.


The cards include carefully selected affirmations and quotes to help guide Mothers-to-be one breath and contraction at a time.

Some are simple yet powerful in nature, others help to facilitate their visual senses, to aid in the progress of dilation and their baby's journey earthside.

Every card will help to instil a sense of calm, focus and peace wherever their birthing journeys take them

Best Birth Co Positive Birth Affirmation


Affirmation Cards

One simple tool to empower Women to Birth their babies safely and to:

  • Reduce their fear and anxiety around labour

  • Boost their connection more deeply with their baby 

  • Prepare them for your birthing day no matter what path their delivery takes

  • Boost their confidence in their ability to birth their baby naturally

  • Return them to their breath and help maintain their sense of calm and focus during labour

What's so special 

about these Cards?

A Positive Affirmation Card Deck for birth preparations and labour.


With a chic design aesthetic, these cards have been carefully created for the Modern Birthing Person - who is educated, open-minded and embracing their birthing options with strength and confidence.


Elegant, captivating and impressively practical card deck that can be easily read from a distance, even in the dimmest of light; this is also why we have chosen A5 rather than the standard A6 size.


Product Information:

  • Includes seventeen (17) colour cards + 3 bonus blank cards = Total 20 cards

  • Custom made draw box - Portrait orientation

  • A5 (21cm x 15cm) 450gsm gloss with curved edges

  • Best Birth Co. branded reverse side

  • Each card has a selection of affirmations and positive birthing quotes selected to assist with the visualisation of dilation, baby's decent, to maintain focus, reduce fear and improve birth outcomes.a

Don't take our word for it 

Here's what our Clients had to say

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The positive birth affirmation cards helped me create my birth space to be as magical as the birth that we did create. Our third baby joined us earth-side with grace and peace. The cards really enabled me to focus on going within to allow a beautiful birth experience.

Zoe, NSW

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These cards were just the BEST! I used them so much in the days leading to our birth, I found they helped calm my mind when doubt and fear crept in. The perfect companion to Hypnobirthing. Thank you so much.

Georgie, NSW

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I loved the cards so much. I used them through early breastfeeding days as well to inspire trust when my body was learning what to do. I would highly recommend them to others!!

Laura, VIC

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I loved using these cards during labour! I set them up at home and then later at the hospital. They kept me focused and the mantras helped me visualise my body birthing my baby. The cards definitely kept me going during my very long labour and birth!

Annie, NSW

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BestBirthCo Birth Worker Program

There are two options to choose from, one will probably resonate more strongly with you than another.

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  • 30% profit margin (ex GST). RRP is $38.50 per card deck

    • Min. order 5x decks = $134.75 (RRP $192.50) 

  • Represented on the Birth Worker & Stockist Directory

  • Guest Blog opportunities 

  • Supported on Instagram, Facebook & our website

  • Opportunity to participate in competitions and give-aways

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Best Birth Co Birth Worker Program Ambassador
  • Exclusive 15% discount code to share with your network

  • Ability to earn 15% commission (paid monthly) from these sales

  • Represented on the Directory

  • Guest Blog opportunities 

  • Supported on Instagram, Facebook & our website

  • Opportunity to participate in competitions and give-aways

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Mother, Creative & Positive Birth Advocate

Sara Dobson

I created these cards for my son's birth. I was a Hypnobirthing & SheBirths student and wanted to display the inspiring affirmations (that I had learnt) prominently around my home and work so I could visualise his birth every day. I had educated myself on what to expect, the incredible hormones that become available to you when birthing uninterrupted (without medical interference) and I knew that a daily affirmation practise would strongly influence a positive outcome!

Charlie's birth was one of my greatest achievements. He was a big baby (4.5kg),  birthed without drugs or interventions, at home. I credit this to my affirmation cards, a dedicated Hypnobirthing practise and an incredible birth team. I was so blown away by how quick (6hrs established, 2hrs active), relatively pain-free and fun his birth was and knew I had to share my cards with other Mothers-to-be.

Birth gets a bad wrap! There is a lot of fear out there, and many women go into the birthing process uneducated. I believe our Positive Birth Affirmation Cards are one simple way Mothers can take back their power and set themselves on the path to a more positive birthing experience.

Join me in helping improve birth experiences for Australian birthing people!

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