Janine O'Brien

Independent Midwife

Northern Beaches, Sydney and sounding, Central & South Coasts


0422 969 961

I am the mother of three beautiful daughters. I am an Independent Endorsed Sole privately Practicing Midwife.

From a very young age, I’ve loved being around women and babies, though it was the birth of my first daughter, after a non-labour caesarean, that led me to be a midwife after being visited by the community midwife. The midwife, unlike any other, that I had previously met, had an amazing imprint on me that left me wanting to be with other women during this transformation from women to mother.

As the World Health Organisation states, midwives are the most appropriate health care provider for women during normal pregnancy and birth. It is my belief that this encompasses and is influenced by the physical, mental, spiritual and sexual aspect of the women. Forming relationships with women and their families and providing a continuity of care model enables trust, communication, respect, education, support and care; it is due to these continual relationships that all of these attributes are embodied.

In this relationship, there is a sharing of knowledge so the woman with her family can make informed decisions about her and her baby’s ongoing care and options. When a woman’s needs exceed my scope of practice, it is my responsibility to work collaboratively within a multi-disciplinary team, making the appropriate referrals so the woman is able to receive the appropriate care, which in turn optimises her experience and facilitates safety for her and her baby.

Birth is not just the outcome that I believe in. I believe in wellness in our minds, bodies, homes and in our communities and when women are involved and responsible for their pregnancies, births and their parenting there is a significant sense of self-worth, pride, accomplishment and well being that is attached. This in turn affects her relationships within her home, with family and friends having a ripple effect…..