Bear Your Birth

Kirryn Simpson

Birth & Postpartum Coach and Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner



0424 271 803

My name is Kirryn, and I’m a childbirth educator (a Certified Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner), a Postpartum Doula AND a Mama of two beautiful girls. I’ve combined all of these passions to become your ultimate Pregnancy & Postpartum Coach.

What does this mean?
I’m your cheerleader, support crew, and ultimate go-to-girl as you prepare for your birth, and transition into the incredible journey of motherhood.

Here’s how I’ll help you discover this yourself:

I’ll help you tune into your intuition and trust it as your guiding source throughout pregnancy and motherhood.

I’ll help you figure out what a positive birth experience and postpartum that feels joyful looks like to you – because this is different for everyone.

We’ll create a safe container where we can discuss your worries or concerns as you progress through pregnancy and postpartum.

I’ll guide you through any mindset blocks so you feel completely confident and excited for your birth and life with your new little bub (or bubs! Go you!).

I’ll share information to help you make decisions that come from trusted, evidence-based sources and is free from judgement (goodbye rabbit hole of Google searches and Facebook groups!).

We’ll celebrate YOU during this sacred time as you journey through all the ups and downs of discovering your new self.

Just take a moment, close your eyes and picture this nurturing, safe support as part of your maiden to mother journey.

You SO deserve this, Mama.